What is WFIC ?

WFIC is an IRC client in Flash. It thus makes it possible to be connected to IRC (using a gateway) and to use channels. You can test WFIC on the PlaneSpells.net webchat

Ecran d'accueil du flash Ecran une fois connecté

Prerequisite [top]

WFIC requires a gateway enabling it to connect to IRC. The WIG gateway can be used for this task. Note that the security model of Flash requires that the gateway runs on the same domain than the site hosting this client.

The ban facility of the flash is based on a PHP generated id, so if you don't have PHP on the site, you can't use this facility.

Downloads [top]

Installation [top]

First of all, you need to unpack the file available on this site in a working directory.

This file contains two directories :

  • web contains all the files that needs to be on the web. in particular two PHP scripts.
  • flash-src contains the flash source of the IRC client.

You must edit the flash source file (irc-wfic-en.fla) in order to modify the configuration. In the "configuration" scene, you must modify the variables containing "votredomaine" by putting your domain name.

It is also recommended to modify the status bar of the scene "main" in order to change the default texts (votredomaine). You need to edit the StatusText layer of the StatusWindow clip.

Then save and publish your flash. The swf file generated must be placed in the web/flash directory.

You can modify php files, by instance if you want to change le default channel name (#help) to place there the name of your site channel.

Then just upload the web directory on your site.

Use [top]

To use this client, you only need to open your browser and to go on the chat-en.php file.

You can pass a parameter to this script, using GET or POST method, which is named channelName and which will make it possible to select the channel that the flash wil join at its connection process (by instance: chat-en.php?channelName=phpdebutant).

The swf file is protected by a htaccess in order to avoid a direct access. Indeed, the php files are used to launch the flash and passing to it an identifier calculated based on the IP of the visitor. This allow to ban a user, by using as user name the generated identifier. It is impossible to ban directly IP mask because this IP is the same for all the visitors using the flash (exactly the IP of the server running the gateway).

License [top]

This project and source codes referring to it are under the GNU GPL - General Public License. More information in files "COPYING" et "Copyright".

Notes [top]

The customers hosted in mutualized at WDMédia Hébergement do not need this gateway, as it is already installed on the whole of the servers and is connected to the PlaneSpells.net network

ChangeLog [top]

Version 1.03

06 august 2004

  • Added English version of README
  • Added English version of flash and php scripts
  • Added a changelog

Version 1.02

26 march 2004

  • First public release