What is WIG ?

WIG is a gateway designed to provide a link between a flash client - by instance WFIC which is available at WFIC - and an IRC server. This gateway thus make it possible to use a flash client to connect itself to an IRC server, which changes from usual java clients.


WIG requires a PHP 4 compiled with CLI sapi. Indeed, it is not a web script but a shell script, so there is no deal with apache or any other web server. Consequently, WIG also requires a shell acces in order to launch it.

Downloads [top]

Installation [top]

First of all, you need to unpack the file available on this site in the directory where you wish to install WIG - don't forget that it is an executable which is used within a shell, so don't put it in a web directory !

Then, you need to edit the file wig-gateway.cli to fit your server configuration, and finaly, lauch it (./wig-gateway.cli is a good way to run it :)).

Here various directives of configuration :

  • IRC_ADDR This is the address of the IRC server you wish to connect the gateway. For trafic reason, we advise you to run WIG on the same server that the IRC server and to user the address, nevertheless, this is not mandatory.
  • IRC_PORT This is the port of the IRC server you wish to connect the gateway, typically 6667.
  • FLASH_ADDR This is the address the gateway will bind for listening to flash connections. Typically, this is the public internet address of the server, so the default value probably won't work.
  • FLASH_PORT This is the port the gateway will bind for listening to flash connections This port must be the same that those defined in the flash client configuration.
  • MAXLINE This is the maximum length of a line in byte.
  • MAXCONCURRENT This is the maximum number of connection that the gateway will simultaneously accept. No test was still made on strong loads, so we advise you to be very careful when you modify this value.

Cron [top]

The WIG project also contains a file named wig-cron.cli, which is used to check if the gateway still runs and to start again if it need to be. It appeared that on certain configuration, the gateway stopped all alone, without being able to find the reason of it.

The use of the cron is simple, it is enough to program a install a cron job which will launch this script with regular interval - according to your needs - 15 minutes seems to be a good delay.

It is on the other hand necessary for the first time to launch the gateway using the cron script, for reasons of path of the file during the checking. That can be done by launching within a Shell the file of the cron (./wig-cron.cli by instance).

License [top]

This project and source codes referring to it are under the GNU General Public License.

Notes [top]

The WIG gateway was never tested under Windows. There is no guarantee of its operation on this platform, with the sight of the significant differences in management of the sockets.

The WIG gateway wasn't tested under other *nix than linux. Nevertheless it seems it will function on these platforms, PHP taking care of the differences between these platforms.

The customers hosted in mutualized at WDMédia Hébergement do not need this gateway, as it is already installed on the whole of the servers and is connected to the PlaneSpells.net network

ChangeLog [top]

Version 0.7

06 august 2004

  • Added English version of README
  • Added a changelog

Version 0.6

26 march 2004

  • First public release